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Hanging System for Mandalas

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A small groove is trimmed into the outside of the foot when leatherhard.   Then 3 equally spaced holes are drilled through the groove to the inside of the foot with a small diameter, long, drill bit.  After firing, a vinyl coated, twisted, stainless steel hanger wire is threaded through a washer then through the top hole and down through the two remaining holes.  Twist the washer.   Tighten the wire into the groove in the foot by threading wire through opposing holes and tie off by wrapping wire.   Hang by the washer which prevents the wire from possibly becoming frayed.   I use the type hanger that is laying on the bowl under my signature.  I've used variations of this method through the years.

I learned this method from Wayne Bates although I've modified it for my purposes because of the large size/weight of my bowls.  On smaller pieces you can simply thread the wire through the washer and tie the ends together.   Then making sure the resulting wire loop is large enough to fit around the foot, lay the wire in the groove previously cut into the foot and twist the washer thus securely tightening the wire into the groove without threading it through the holes.